Medical Marketing for Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons

We remain focused on healthcare marketing and are fortunate to serve a wide variety of clients including

marketing for hospitals

  • Private Practice Physicians
  • Physician groups
  • Hospital Systems
  • Dental Clinics

marketing for doctors

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Healthcare Attorneys
  • Spas and Wellness Centers
  • Bariatric Surgery Centers

marketing for dentists and surgeons

  • Fertility Centers
  • Healthcare Management Companies
  • Plastic Surgery Centers
  • And a Wide Range of Medical Specialties

Do you have a healthcare marketing challenge that could use some professional attention?

We remain focused on healthcare marketing and are fortunate to serve a wide variety of clients including

icon_tgcThe Goodness Company is a respected healthcare marketing agency providing results-driven medical marketing, advertising and public relations services to hospitals, medical centers, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, doctors, dentists, surgeons and medical specialists around the world. We provide insightful healthcare marketing consulting and development services to our clients in the US, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. From simple brochure and print advertising projects to comprehensive website and internet marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, social media marketing, public relations efforts, video marketing and more, The Goodness Company is your connection to powerful healthcare marketing communications.

We understand the medical marketing needs of local, national and international medical facilities, and offer a customized approach to uncover what makes your organization different and better, to give you a competitive edge in your healthcare marketing efforts.

Competition among hospital systems, urgent care networks, private practices, dental clinics, spa and wellness centers is intensifying. Increased healthcare options, improved patient education and availability of lower-priced international healthcare venues is fostering a greater reliance on professional healthcare marketing strategies to help medical providers and leading healthcare brands alike distinguish their unique appeal in a cluttered marketplace. As patient options increase, quality medical marketing will become critical in helping patients choose the best medical providers for their needs.

Make no mistake, today, healthcare is business. In this business, healthcare and wellness marketing is more important than ever. We believe it takes healthcare & wellness marketing specialists to provide outstanding medical marketing solutions. Our 20+ years of experience in healthcare marketing provides us with an unmatched perspective of medical practices around the world. We know what works…and what doesn’t. Why not leverage our healthcare and wellness marketing experience to increase your appeal, augment patient flow and boost profits?

The Goodness Company offers critical expertise and powerful healthcare and wellness marketing solutions for our clients. Our specialties include hospital marketing, dental marketing, healthcare public relations, medical video marketing, healthcare branding, medical tourism marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, hospital websites, dental websites, bariatric surgery marketing, cosmetic surgery marketing, wellness and spa marketing and more.