About Us

The Goodness Company was founded in January 1994 by Patrick Goodness, founder and CEO. From the very beginning, The Goodness Company has been dedicated to quality marketing solutions for businesses who demand the very best. Our agency services include marketing, branding, public relations, graphic design, web site development, social media marketing, business and sales development and more.

In 2006, Terri Goodness joined the firm as Chief Creative Officer. Together, along with a talented team of designers, programmers and sales executives, The Goodness Company is a single source solution for integrated branding, marketing, advertising and public relations services.

Looking to expand their reach internationally, The Goodness Company opened an office in 2009 in Costa Rica. Our Latin American experience has enriched our global view of communication.

Healthcare Marketing That Drives Results

With offices in the US and Latin America, and clients located on nearly every continent, The Goodness Company is a truly global healthcare marketing agency. Today, it’s not enough to just be a good doctor, dentist or hospital. To succeed, you need to understand how to build a unique brand and position your company to compete and to win in a world of fierce competitors.

As the quality of healthcare improves around the world, more and more people will open their eyes to the value of traveling for medical care. Medical practices down the street will need to understand how to compete in a truly international healthcare market without borders. Whether you operate a small doctor’s office or dental practice or a multi-national healthcare brand, The Goodness Company has the knowledge and experience to successfully brand, position and market both domestic and international healthcare organizations allowing them to compete in the new global healthcare market.