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Mr. Goodness was rated one of the top three best speakers in 2011. His session was absolutely packed with attendees who wanted to learn about the future of Medical Tourism Marketing. We received incredibly positive feedback from all attendees who left Patrick’s workshop inspired and excited to develop successful marketing and social media strategies with their companies. Based on the unanimous positive feedback we received, we are thrilled to invite Patrick back, to share his marketing and public relations expertise and provide critical insight on how to create successful marketing strategies to secure a competitive edge in the medical tourism and global healthcare industry.

Cristina Cardona, Global Congress ManagerMedical Tourism Association

A specialized agency of the United Nations

Patrick Goodness understands both sides of the medical travel equation. It’s clear that Patrick Goodness understands the importance of destination branding and how to develop effective healthcare marketing. But he also understands the dynamics of pairing an attractive, safe, tourism product with high quality, affordable healthcare to provide an exceptional patient experience. In the end, it is this positive patient experience that results in repeat patient visits and generates positive word of mouth for the doctor, hospital, city and nation.

Yolanda Perdomo, Director of the World Tourism OrganizationA specialized agency of the United Nations

mSouthern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

By establishing an office in Costa Rica, The Goodness Company is diversifying its workforce and getting a better understanding of the Latin culture while improving access to the creative team for all clients. It is this forward thinking that sets The Goodness Company apart from others. As we know, Medical Tourism is not just about designing a nice looking ad. It is fully about understanding the markets to be served and positioning the organization to succeed in that marketplace.

Douglas T. Geinzer, CEOSouthern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

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The American Lung Association of Illinois operates a nation-wide Tobacco Quitline and Helpline that is funded by our State Department of Health. We respond to calls and questions from all over the nation on lung health. At that time, we did not have a consistent marketing or media package. We were basically operating as best as we could at that time, and we did not know how to market a product. The state provided grant dollars for us to hire some outside help. We reached out to The Goodness Company and they helped us develop an in-depth marketing and media package. They helped us create a stakeholder group to whom we could provide the marketing and media package, who in turn, would carry out the work for us. It was a very successful and beneficial work team.

In addition, we don’t often get these grant dollars, so this was our one and only attempt to do this work with an outside group. To this day, this marketing and media package is still in place at the American Lung Association of Illinois and we have been asked to share this information with our sister states.

We owe the success of our current program to our past partners and we consider The Goodness Company to be a good friend. They are a true professional company and very easy to work with. We are very frugal with our dollars and we believe the project dollars were well spent.

Angela Tin, Vice PresidentEnvironmental Health – The American Lung Association

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Patrick Goodness is one of the most recognized names in medical tourism. I have attended Patrick’s medical tourism marketing lectures at many events around the world and have been impressed with his knowledge of medical travel and his ability to help his clients reach millions of North Americans seeking affordable healthcare options. Based on his positive reputation and industry leadership, we invited Patrick to lecture at our PanaSalud Congress in Panama City to provide critical insight on how to create successful marketing strategies and how to help healthcare professionals in Panama secure a competitive edge in the medical tourism and global healthcare industry.

Patrick’s lecture was the most engaging lecture of the entire congress and received excellent comments from everyone that attended. Patrick understands how to motivate an audience and how to communicate with passion and motivation.

Luis Santamaria, FounderPanaSalud and SaludPanama

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Our experience with The Goodness Company is always positive and inspirational. Their team is always brimming with great ideas to help us grow! If you’re looking for a marketing agency that provides strong experience, personal attention and creative ideas that generate positive returns, you can trust The Goodness Company. We do.

Bill Cook, Director, International DepartmentHospital Clinica Biblica – Medical Tours Costa Rica

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I only have PRAISE for The Goodness Company. The overwhelming positive comments from my network and the numerous phone calls from total strangers received after my website was up last August show The Goodness Company’s efficiency and excellence I experienced all through the creative process. Thumbs up!

Janine FafardTurya Yoga