What is Healthcare Branding?


While many equate healthcare branding with a logo or tag line, the nuances of branding run much deeper. Branding is about perception and experience. In the healthcare industry, your brand is remembered in the hearts and minds of your patients and their families, your employees and even your vendors. Your brand is rooted in their collective experience and perception of your organization.

A Strong Healthcare Brand Will

  • Deliver Your Message Simply and Clearly
  • Affirm Your Credibility and Value
  • Connect with Patients on an Emotional Level
  • Motivate Patients to Action
  • Reinforce Patient Loyalty
  • Transform Patients into Cheerleaders for Your Vision

To develop a successful healthcare brand you must understand your patients. It’s no longer enough just to provide competent, quality care. To succeed in healthcare branding, you need to recognize patients’ needs, wants and hopes. You need to uncover the importance of what patients are saying…and sometimes what they are not saying. When you truly understand your patients, you can develop a brand strategy that will resonate with them as genuine and sincere. Integrating this brand strategy throughout your organization and at every point of patient contact is critical for brand adoption.

Remember: before a patient will purchase your healthcare services, they first need to become believers in your brand. As healthcare marketing consultants, The Goodness Company helps our healthcare clients understand that their patients don’t just purchase medical services, they purchase the promise of an experience.

Promises matter! They matter in our personal lives. They matter in business. And they really matter in healthcare. Your brand promise dictates how you should execute every stage of the patient experience.

The Goodness Company will help you keep your promise.


Our Branding Process

our_branding _process


We start by listening. Reviewing and uncovering what makes your organization unique. We want to understand it all. Your company. Your products. Your services. Your point of view.

What we learn. What we experience. What we feel. This becomes the starting point for your brand.


This is when your brand comes to life…when our vision becomes tangible.

  • Naming/Logos/Taglines
  • Brand Books/Creative Guidelines
  • Branding Training & Seminars


This is when we integrate your brand into the fabric of your company. This is when it sinks in. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is when the brand becomes the experience. Your new brand will impact every corner of your organization.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Products/Services/Operations
  • Customer Experience

We’ll show you how your brand will generate interest and lead to renewed growth. A better bottom line. That’s what it’s all about.


Ok. So you have a new brand. We’ll develop the tools you need to introduce your brand to the world.

  • Media Plans
  • Web Site & Social Media
  • Digital: Online Marketing/ HTML Emails/ Interactive Tools
  • Brochures/Print Ads/Sales Tools/Presentations
  • Radio & TV Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Event Marketing: Trade Shows/Consumer Events

Healthcare Marketing

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By establishing an office in Costa Rica, The Goodness Company is diversifying its workforce and getting a better understanding of the Latin culture while improving access to the creative team for all clients. It is this forward thinking that sets The Goodness Company apart from others. As we know, Medical Tourism is not just about designing a nice looking ad. It is fully about understanding the markets to be served and positioning the organization to succeed in that marketplace.

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