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On-Site Healthcare and Medical Marketing Consultation

For most of our healthcare marketing clients, the door to a long-term marketing partnership begins with a house-call. The Goodness Company believes that it’s critical to review your healthcare facilities and patient marketing protocols up close and in-person before beginning any marketing effort. In short, we need to diagnose any concerns before we can create a plan for improvement.

Do your marketing efforts need serious help? Or do you need some fresh ideas to help breathe new life into an existing healthcare marketing effort? Don’t know how to start a marketing campaign? Or perhaps you’d like to bounce some ideas off of our seasoned healthcare marketing professionals. Whatever your marketing needs, The Goodness Company is here to help.

Our on-site medical marketing and healthcare marketing consulting program for doctors, dentists, hospitals and specialists is a great way to gain valuable marketing insight and honest feedback about your current marketing efforts and where you can improve.

Our basic marketing consultation packages begin with a minimum 2-4 day onsite diagnostic review. During this review process, we’ll meet your team, learn about current marketing efforts, discuss patient acquisition and sales goals and develop a basic plan of action complete with valuable tips to help improve efficiency, minimize marketing waste and maximize marketing results.

Available Marketing Consultation Programs

Marketing Plan Development

There is a famous adage that is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.” As it relates to healthcare marketing, the team at The Goodness Company is a proponent of marketing planning. In short, before you can accomplish your marketing goals, you need a roadmap that defines where you’re going and how you’ll get there. The healthcare marketing professionals at The Goodness Company will work with you to create a marketing program that outlines your goals, strengths, opportunities, market challenges and an effective budget. Your plan will include specific strategies, tactics and tools to set you on a course for marketing success.

Outsource Marketing Department

Building a strong, comprehensive marketing team is a difficult task. Many hospitals simply cannot afford to hire and manage all of the skilled marketing professionals needed to staff a successful marketing program. Today, the affordable and more effective solution is to outsource your most important marketing development to an experienced healthcare and medical marketing firm. Regular on-site visits are recommended to meet your management team, gather information, meet media representatives and develop a strategic action plan.

Outsource Healthcare Advertising Agency

As a healthcare advertising agency, many healthcare organizations hire The Goodness Company to create advertising campaigns that communicate with clarity and purpose. Whether your organization needs a simple ad design or a comprehensive advertising campaign across, print, online and broadcast media, The Goodness Company is a confident choice for long-term strategic marketing and sales growth.

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By establishing an office in Costa Rica, The Goodness Company is diversifying its workforce and getting a better understanding of the Latin culture while improving access to the creative team for all clients. It is this forward thinking that sets The Goodness Company apart from others. As we know, Medical Tourism is not just about designing a nice looking ad…

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