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What is Medical Tourism?

Quite simply, medical tourism is the practice of traveling to receive medical care. Some patients travel domestically to find quality, affordable care, while others cross national borders and even travel overseas for quality medical procedures at considerable cost savings (30% to 90%) over medical pricing at home.

Even factoring in expenses for airfare, hotels, travel insurance, car rentals, meals and more, many patients may find that foreign medical care options offer deep savings over domestic healthcare. Popular medical tourism destinations include Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, The Bahamas, Panama, Colombia, Malaysia, India and Turkey.

Medical Tourism Marketing

The Goodness Company is a full-service global healthcare marketing agency providing results-driven medical tourism marketing, advertising and public relations services to our clients around the world.

We understand the needs of local, national and international medical facilities, and offer a customized approach to uncover your strengths and use them to refine your brand and increase sales.

As increased numbers of international patients travel for medical care, more and more hospitals, doctors, dentists and wellness providers will enter the global healthcare marketplace to earn their share of the growing medical tourism market. This growth in both demand and competition will affect current market leaders and new entrants alike.

Most international medical providers will continue to compete on price, quality and location. However, to lead in the emerging medical tourism marketplace, international healthcare providers will need to differentiate their medical services from their competitors. An investment in positively branded healthcare marketing, medical advertising and public relations, centered on creating trust-based relationships among potential patients is critical for success in the new international healthcare marketplace. Today’s medical traveler is a well-informed and educated buyer. They’re not just looking for the lowest price. Today’s medical tourism patients seek a competitive price on quality medical care from someone they trust. The key to success in the competitive medical tourism marketplace is to develop reliable marketing and relationship development strategies that generate confidence and build trust.

Since 88% or more of potential patients will learn about your healthcare or wellness practice online, investments in healthcare and wellness branding and website marketing are essential to building a strong pipeline of international patients. If potential patients do not understand what makes you special, and what makes your organization a better match for their healthcare needs, they will never choose you. Successful healthcare marketing is patient-centric. It answers patient’s questions before they have a chance to ask them, and provides patients with reliable, trustworthy information that enables them to say ‘Yes’ to your offer with complete confidence. In a competitive global healthcare marketplace, a strategic approach to patient marketing will separate the leaders from the followers and will create clear winners in the expanding medical tourism marketplace.

The Goodness Company is your connection to medical marketing, hospital marketing, dental marketing and global medical tourism marketing.

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